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December 15, 2018

Every type of business needs a marketing hand to flourish. Most law firms don’t appreciate the power or value behind marketing their business. They fall prey to believing their skill set and reputation standing alone is sufficient for clients to find them and come through their door.


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Sometime, ideologies like this may be correct, but a law firm can drastically improve their profit with a robust online presence. This is why it’s so important for attorneys and law firms to work with a legal marketing company that has experience in their industry.

Online presence has helped most successful law firms set the pace for others, while attracting more new clients. Online presence from legal marketing companies has also helped smart law firms boost their website SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). This allows the sites to resonate with the specific target audience and build rapport with serious clients quickly. You can try to get there by yourself, but using a legal marketing company will get you there faster.

In this post we share some of the more effective marketing techniques that will help you grow your law firm. These tips are scientifically research-proven methods that professional firms have put in place.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO is one of the marketing tactics every business in the world should take seriously. You may have no idea how to go about this or think it is a waste of money – but you can’t ignore it. At the very minimum you should check to make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong, even if you decide to do nothing at all.

This is another reason why you need an SEO expert from a legal marketing company to help you audit or evaluate your website. Using goal-oriented approaches to catapult your website to the first page in search engine or hiring a copywriter whose job is SEO are options, but you won’t know until your site has been audited by a professional.

Create unique pages for your practice areas

It’s not news that most law firms provide different services. Those majoring in family laws, for instance, may offer estate planning or custody agreements services. All these laws, and similar ones falls under family or marital law but are distinct specialties.

For each of the services, create a drop-down menu or unique page on your site for a client to have easy access to navigate quickly to the section related to what they are looking to get. This will help you better optimize your site for the keywords targeting specific areas.

Highlight your brand

Use your site name, images, logo, to carefully differentiate your service among competition. Your law firm already stands out among the competition – you just need to reinforce this to your website visitors.
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Quality and valuable content

Quality and value will always command respect. It builds trust in people and helps with referral and return customers. Creating quality content on your website and website pages not only offers detailed information that your customers are looking for, but will also give you the opportunity to rank for keywords to attract more relevant traffic organically. A trusted legal marketing company should be able to help you identify the most effective content to focus on.
Don’t forget that quality contents come in several forms. The most common one that most sites use in ranking is frequently asked questions (FAQ). If your law firms FAQ is positioned in a designated page on your website, it could show up in a featured snippet and rank you higher in search engines.
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You should also realize that most standard websites have a blog section on their website. Search engines such as Google and Bing respect sites with a blog. While the term blog might be a little dated, the concept is what is important. This section of your website allows a place for your firm to continually publish and create new content. This could be notable cases, updates or any messages you choose.

Smart law firms and legal marketing companies will also use the blog to tell people more about your services. This shouldn’t be done too heavy handed or come off in a way that is too sales forward. It needs to be woven into existing content that provides value to the reader and is genuine.

Video builds trust

While pictures can enhance your brands objective, videos helps to build trust and convert potential clients. Naturally, videos engage people more than images do, especially when you are able to share it on your social media profiles or embed it in other web pages.

It is an easier and fast means to build rapport and bridge the gap with would-be customers. This is especially true if your competitors do not have any video and your law firm does. Videos are innately more sensitive when the partners of the firm decides to record a video that explains what the company does and talk about achievements.

Investing in PPC ads

Organic traffic is excellent because it is free and evergreen, but sometimes it doesn’t end with getting to the top of SERPs –  especially for someone looking for quick results. The best alternative is to use PPC advertising platforms. Example of one of them is Google Ads; it will enable you to create ads targeting users searching specific keywords, give you an opportunity to rank quickly and reasonably well in the search results page when a potential client is looking for excellent service.

Before you invest in any ad campaigns, be sure to consult with your legal marketing company. It can be very easy to shred through a paid budget and spend money on ads that are not the most effective when you don’t know how to leverage these platforms.

As a law firm is looking to promote your business, you may also want to look for a specialist in a particular field. This is another advantage of using a legal marketing company – they have multiple specialists in different marketing areas and can provide you with a strategy that is most effective for your specific firm.