How to Market Your Law Firm Online

October 24, 2018

The best law firms attract top talent and clients online. The foundation of marketing your law firm online is making sure you create a website that looks great, loads fast on all devices and reflects the caliber of your law firm. Once a firm has established a presence online with a top tier website, additional web marketing strategies can be used to impact the performance even further.

Law Firm Advertising Ideas

There’s a lot of options on how to market your law firm online. Email Marketing, Corporate Newsletters, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Social Media, and Blogging are just a few of the ways law firms can advertise on the web. Every firm is different and the attorneys across different practice areas might have different preferences or ideas on how they want to market. Before choosing a marketing strategy, talk with the stakeholders in your law firm about what law firm advertising ideas might resonate the most with your  clients, attorneys and staff.

Law Firm Marketing Agency

Many firms decide to hire a law firm marketing agency to handle the website and marketing strategy. The benefits of hiring a professional agency that specializes in law firms or legal marketing almost always outweigh the time or cost. An agency can move quickly to determine the right combination of website design, optimization or marketing to best benefit an individual law firm. Van West Media is an agency that specializes in law firm websites. Our marketing agency works with some of New York City’s top law firms, taking unique approaches in how we market your law firm online.

Law Firm Marketing Plan

Whether your firm is marketing or advertising in house or working with a law firm marketing agency, it is important to develop a law firm marketing plan. An online marketing plan serves as the road map to your larger online strategy. It makes sure that all campaigns or advertising efforts are working with your law firm and your website towards the same goals. Identifying goals in your law firm marketing plan allows you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts over time, and see what is or isn’t working.


To summarize, there’s more than one right answer for how to market your law firm online, but having a top-tier website is fundamental to success. Your law firm’s attorney and practice areas are unique and this needs to be taken into account when deciding how to market your law firm online.